Bridal Collections 2022: what’s new at New York Bridal Fashion Week for next year
collezioni sposa 2022


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Despite the difficult period we are going through, bridal fashion has never stopped making millions of girls dream of their white dress. The 2022 bridal collections have already lit up the runways of New York Bridal Fashion Week with overwhelming news and timeless classics. Here are the most beautiful trends for next year.

Bridal Collections 2022: those details that make the difference

The woman imagined by the greatest designers for their bridal collections 2022, is a woman eager to rediscover femininity, luxurious beauty and at the same time simplicity. What makes the difference are the details, embroideries and applications that emerge from the simple fabrics.

collezioni sposa 2022
Fonte ph | Ines di Santo

Next season’s bride will almost look like a Botticelli’s painting thanks to fresh and light dresses on which spring explodes. Flashy roses, small daisies and ramage embroideries are the stars of the new collections, almost as if they were symbols of rebirth after a dark period.

But there are also sparkle dresses to shine! From the romantic A-line, to the more sensual mermaid, among the models for next season there are also those covered with sequins and small crystals, perfect to show off at the time of celebrations.

Simple lines and elegant lace

The most popular trend among the 2022 bridal collections is undoubtedly simplicity. Sliding lines, soft and without frills, or the more structured mikado dresses, reflect the desire of many future brides to “back to the origins“.

Never the less, minimal taste dresses almost overtake the vaporous and princely tulle flounced dresses. The fabrics glide gently, emphasizing the natural sinuosity, and sometimes let themselves go in games of interlacing or open with bold V-necklines or back.

The sumptuousness of bridal fashion, however, does not fail and this is demonstrated by the many lace dresses that have peeped out on the catwalks of New York Bridal Fashion Week. Despite its superb elegance, lace proves to be versatile, perfect both for a royal style wedding and for one with a country chic mood.

Bridal Collections 2022: the veil, yes, but also slit!

Wedding traditions never go out of style, every year there is no shortage of veils or tiaras to adorn the bride, but despite this, the modern bride does not give up the flair. Soaring heels, puffy sleeves and plunging necklines, join long and chaste veils.

collezioni sposa 2022
Fonte ph | Marchesa Bridal

Everything perfectly reflects the cosmopolitan soul of today’s woman: always in step with the times, without ever giving up the desire to feel unique on your wedding day.

The novelties of bridal fashion for next year are many and all different. It’s up to you future bride to choose what best suits your needs, your physique, but above all your personality.