Destination Ticino: the Swiss coast of Lake Maggiore
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Here we are with the last destination where Martina Events & Wedding operates: Ticino, the Swiss coast of Lake Maggiore.

Perhaps not everyone knows the Canton Ticino is washed by another lake beyond Lake Maggiore: Lake Lugano, located on the homonymous city of Lugano.

Although part of Switzerland, Canton Ticino is very similar to Italy, perhaps due to this absolute proximity.

In fact it often happens that tourists confuse the two areas, or do not understand very well the difference.

Even in this area there are many locations to organize your wedding, but as always I will name only those that in my opinion are the most special.

We start from the Villa San Quirico, located in a small town that overlooks the shores of Lake Maggiore called Minusio.

The Villa is located near the church of San Quirico and its Romanesque bell tower. The 1930’s Villa has a large garden, a pergola surrounded by several white and red grape vines and a beautiful view of the lake.

Another wonderful location is the Hotel Giardino Lago always in Minusio. The Garden is a small boutique hotel of only 15 rooms with an enviable view of the lake. The hotel has a Roof Lounge suitable for small symbolic ceremonies and a fabulous restaurant with terrace, for an intimate, essential and impressive wedding.

And finally the wonderful Brissago Islands, another island of Lake Maggiore but located on the Swiss shore.

Immersed in a wonderful and well-kept botanical park stands Villa Emden, a historic villa with a mysterious and fascinating character.

All locations also offer an excellent plan B in case of bad weather, without having to absolutely renounce to the romantic view of the lake, so it is really worth visiting them.

Have you already gone to have a look? Which location impressed you the most?