Getting married on Lake Maggiore in autumn: for a magical “Yes, I do!”


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There are places that by nature kidnap the heart, views that only by observing them transmit serenity. The frame of the lake is one of them. With its slow swaying of the water, the lush green in spring, the bright red of the leaves in autumn and the silence is able to regenerate heart and mind but also to become the perfect wedding venue for the wedding. So if the desire is to achieve something unique and exciting for the wedding, it is impossible not to consider the idea of getting married on Lake Maggiore.

Ph Tania Mura

Getting married on Lake Maggiore: why is autumn the perfect season?

When we talk about weddings we are all always used to imagine it within a classic context and in periods ranging from spring to summer. But you know, everything changes and transforms … here then that today Lake Maggiore can be chosen and interpreted even in autumn as a destination for weddings.

Those months of the year where everything seems to slow down in view of the arrival of the winter season and during which it is possible to observe more closely the wonderful beauties that the lake has to offer, from the known Ticino to the Lombard shore that has nothing to envy to the famous Lake Como.

But why getting married on Lake Maggiore in autumn should be the right choice? Because during this season it gives the best of itself. The bright and brilliant colors of nature are released “mirrored” on the calm waters. Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine your ceremony in a small church perched on a cliff or in a location overlooking the lake, or even the shots on a beautiful carpet of foliage in shades of orange, yellow ocher and burgundy. And then to celebrate with a party embraced by an evocative natural setting, under a starry sky and moonlight.

But not only that, during the autumn season you will have the opportunity to explore it far and wide, in complete tranquility, away from mass tourism. You can share this wealth that nature offers with your guests by organizing personalized excursions that go beyond the classic boat trip.

You will give life to a wedding weekend on Lake Maggiore with a unique flavor and fairy tale allure, all observed from a different point of view. How? Thanks to more adrenaline activities such as: trekking, preset routes for bikers, by car or using the chairlifts.

From engagement to “Yes!” day: one destination for your dream of love!

Lake Maggiore is the ideal destination for weddings, but one (or more) of its locations can really become the place of the heart. Its hidden corners are in fact treasures to be discovered. They are corners where exclusivity rhymes with intimacy and lend themselves perfectly as a location for a romantic marriage proposal.

Ph Tania Mura

Here then that the fil rouge of love comes to life. From an unforgettable wedding proposal to the wedding to celebrate with a dream wedding weekend, right here on the beautiful Lake Maggiore.

Ph Tania Mura

Photographer: Tania Mura

Video: Raffaele Pibiri-Tara Produzioni

Wedding Planner: Martina Events & Weddings

Venue: Hotel Giardino Ascona

Big thanks to Philippe & Daniela  Frutiger ( CEO Giardino Group) and Wolfram Merkert ( General Manager)

2.venue: Eremo di Santa Caterina del Sasso

Make up & Hair: Chiara Mari MUA & Hair Stylist

Stationery: Ane Design Boutique

Floral Designer: Fiordalisa Ascona

Cake: Emanuela Brusciani (per Martina Events & Weddings)

Wedding dress: Ambrosio sposi

Shooting couple: Jennifer Meier e Adrian Moor