How to organize a wonderful elopement
Elopement al mare


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Elopement in campagna

How many of you have heard of elopement lately? But what is elopement?

An elopement is nothing more than a wedding organized with the presence only of the witnesses, but sometimes also with some person close to the couple, with whom the bride and groom decide to share this beautiful and special day.

Normally the elopement is organized in a different place from where you live, in order to make the experience even more adventurous and memorable.

And after this small introduction it is time to reveal how to organize a wonderful elopement!

Unlike the “classic” wedding, the elopement is focused on two important factors: the location (and therefore also the destination) and the photographer, an especially important presence for this type of wedding.

The floral arrangement must be present but not intrusive, in order to make both the reception and the ceremony itself harmonious and scenic; we must not forget to manage the logistics (if there are also guests), the choice of the menu and an ad hoc musical accompaniment.

Undoubtedly this type of wedding is not recommended to those who have always dreamed of a “classic” wedding, with a long list of guests, and with a strong link to family affection and tradition.

The perfect organization of an elopement starts from the couple, predisposed to this type of wedding, who do not pay too much attention to traditions and do not worry if someone should be disappointed by the non-invitation; it is a couple that seeks in marriage an intimate, reserved and focused on their love.

And you, are you ready to organize your wonderful elopement?