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Intimate, unique and unusual weddings for couple madly in love!


Just the two of you elope!I will create an intimate experience just for you with the perfect background, choosing between the sea of Sardinia or Lake Maggiore.

Micro & Home Weddings

Only celebrate with the people you love the most. Maybe with a sunset ceremony in Sardinia, a brunch overlooking the lake or a dinner with a family atmosphere.

Intimate Weddings and Weekends

Enjoy a 360° experience with your guests! Visit the area, taste typical products, and then say "yes" in the unique atmosphere of Lake Maggiore or Sardinia.


martina wedding planner
Hi everyone, I’m Martina!

I create intimate weddings for couples madly in love.

Traditional weddings may be beautiful, but they often turn out to be sumptuous and insignificant events. Celebrations that seem to be more about showing off with relatives than celebrating the birth of a new family.

That' s why the weddings I organize are of a completely different kind.

I want your wedding to be a meaningful, family, intimate celebration.

An event for the two of you in the first place, not for a bunch of relatives who attend only out of duty.

I want your wedding to reflect you completely and to move away from the usual clichés, exploring different styles that intertwine with a touch of extravagance.

Do you want to know more about me and the weddings I organize?


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