Nowadays the figure of the pet such as the cat or dog is increasingly important and is defined as a real member of the family. They are never left alone so much that they are often and willingly taken everywhere, even on holiday. But the wedding day is a completely different situation and leaving them at home on such an important holiday is a displeasure. At the same time, it is very complicated and risky to take responsibility for a family member or guest.

In Italy, the figure of the wedding dog sitter has appeared for some time now (I would like to underline that the first one was created by the talented Elisa Guidarelli), but what does the wedding dog sitter do in practice?

The figure of the wedding dog sitter is a dog sitting service for weddings, designed to make your wedding day unique. From the actual dog sitting to accessories made to measure for the dog, from tailoring workshops to the presence of a pet photographer, in short, your furry friend will certainly not get bored. It is also followed a specific procedure to get to know the dog and avoid the stress of going and going of people who will stop at your home.

Be careful, however, to be wary of imitations: this figure has first followed a course of dog education through dog psychology and canine first aid, so it is important to use the help of real professionals.

In short, why not be pampered and fully enjoy your wedding day?

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