I’ve only been back from Jamaica for a few days now, and I must admit it was quite an interesting trip full of surprises.

During my stay I was lucky enough to attend an intimate wedding on Negril beach of an American couple.

The excitement was great and the atmosphere was warm (also because of the high temperatures) familiar and joyful.

There were no special arrangements on the beach, and the reception area was very basic, but with an incomparable view of the sea and the possibility to walk barefoot.

The resort’s events manager confided in me that their priority was to give their guests the chance to relive a family situation as if they were reunited during Thanksgiving Day at a single table, talking about more and less and having fun just like they were at home … but with a sea view!

They did not require any special clothing for the ceremony (excluding witnesses and bridesmaids) and the bride and groom themselves, they presented themselves with casual, fresh and suitable for the chosen location.

An intimate wedding in the Caribbean of all respect, without sacrificing romance and the triumph of love!

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