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Getting married overseas: why not?

During this time I allowed myself a little break before the big wedding season and during my stay in the Caribbean I was lucky enough to attend a wedding of Europeans on the beach. The vast majority of couples, when they decide to get married, have no doubt about the place where their wedding will […]


Destination Ticino

Here we are with the last destination where Martina Events & Wedding operates: Ticino on the shore of Lake Maggiore. As not everyone knows, Ticino is bathed by another lake beyond Lake Maggiore: Lake Lugano, located on the homonymous town of Lugano. Although part of Switzerland, the Canton Ticino is very similar to Italy, perhaps […]


Destination Lake Maggiore

If you have previously read the article about the destination Cagliari, you cannot miss this other wonderful destination for your wedding … Lake Maggiore. It is a vast area straddling the borders of Italy and Switzerland, and includes three Italian provinces (Verbano Cusio and Ossola, as well as the provinces of Novara and Varese) until […]