Elopements and intimate weddings: the most popular for 2021?

Weddings are the recurring dream of most women, starting from when you were a child, but now that you are close to the big day, you imagine a very intimate, informal event with the closest relatives and the truest friends, wanting to abandon all the traditions of the wedding … Why not?

The term “To elope” in English means “to elope” and in the case of this type of wedding, it has an even stronger and decidedly romantic value.

These types of weddings also have the great characteristic of being able to be organized in really small spaces with breathtaking views: a beautiful sunset, a complete view of the sea, and be surrounded by unspoilt nature in the company of the people of the heart or even just in the company of the celebrant.

Sometimes it is thought that organizing a wedding with few guests is easier than organizing a wedding with a large number of guests… but this is absolutely not the case: the only difference is for the bride and groom, who can devote more attention to the guests.

In this period where uncertainty is undoubtedly the master and where events and weddings are still forbidden, we wonder about 2021…

I must admit that I am receiving several requests for these types of weddings, mainly for fear (or prevention) of what 2021 will be.

But the most beautiful and important thing is that you can let your imagination run wild, choosing the most special and out of the ordinary locations!

If you are convinced you want to organize an elopement wedding without being afraid of disappointing relatives and friends here are some ideas and places to celebrate it:

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