During this time I allowed myself a little break before the big wedding season and during my stay in the Caribbean I was lucky enough to attend a wedding of Europeans on the beach. The vast majority of couples, when they decide to get married, have no doubt about the place where their wedding will take place, be it the bride or groom, or the place where they live together, they always prefer Italy.

But among future spouses, there is a small percentage that thinks and dreams big, preferring a wedding abroad in some beautiful place by the sea, or in an intimate environment that gives unique emotions.

So what are the most popular destinations?

Without a doubt the most popular destination are the Maldives, where the tropical climate and the enchanting panorama make for a dream wedding.

Other beautiful destinations are the island of Crete, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Mexico and French Polynesia.

A very important aspect is the regularity of the documents to present if you want to organize a religious wedding or a civil wedding. Different is the symbolic rite, which does not require any kind of document.

Another important aspect are the passports: they must be at least six months valid.

My advice, if you have the idea of a recognized marriage is to rely on an agency or a local professional, especially for the compilation and translation of documents.

And you, where will you decide to get married?

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