Finally we’re here and in a few hours we’ll all celebrate Christmas: those with family, those with friends, those in pairs and even those who decide to celebrate it alone.

All of us wish you a happy Christmas, especially for those who have decided to get married on this day … For those who will get married in 2020 here are some good intentions to maintain a happy relationship:

  • Give and receive (ALWAYS!);
  • Independence (sometimes an evening with friends is necessary!);
  • Emotion together (laughing nonsense, crying in front of a movie without ever being ashamed);
  • No long faces and anxieties (there’s always a solution to everything if you want …);
  • Sincerity (especially during the preparation of your wedding);
  • Ambition: To cultivate and grow the couple: You never have time!;
  • Respect: fundamental value.

After graduation another important step in your life is marriage.

Don’t experience it as a stress and a challenge … but as a celebration and a joy for all those who will attend … During these holidays you also could relax and allow yourself some time to discuss it with your partner, to plan together and share all your emotions.

Another Merry Christmas and see you with my next article on Saturday 28th December …

With Love.


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