Finally he made you the proposal … you answered yes … Emotion overall … Applause of those present … And now … You must get right to work … First step find the location … Help!

How many of you have not received advice, opinions on a location rather than the other and how many have minimized your concern with the classic phrase “but rest assured with all those who are around …”.

Uh, it’s not quite like that.

Each couple must be sure of what they would like to do and where … is a very important time and a choice of your own and personal.

The first thing to do is to arm yourself with paper and pen and map well in sight, decide the areas where to look for the location by placing a limit of distance …

The second thing is where the location should be located: facing the sea or the lake, in the city center, in a small country village, in the mountains, in a vineyard and consider if you decide to get married in church or at the municipality or if you organize everything within a single place.

Evaluate their capacity, style, price, look at the photos and videos offered and organize a sort of ranking.

Then contact the structures that most impressed you and set appointments … Once you have visited all … Evaluate and compare all the information received and the feelings you have experienced … And voila! The game is done.

Yes, I know that many of you are already thinking about the fact that they do not have the time to devote to this type of research … That’s why more and more couples are relying on the help and advice of a wedding planner who, according to your needs, will find the most suitable location and which you will fall in love with.

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