The wedding dress has always been an important choice for brides, and you know that it’s right for you when you feel special vibrations or are moved as soon as you see yourself in the mirror.

But we almost never talk about the price of the dress … Dream dresses but also dizzying figures … Or maybe not?

In this regard, a brand known throughout the world for its low cost clothing comes into play: H&M.

The Swedish brand has bet on its line of wedding dresses that in my opinion, as well as affordable (the figures are around 200 euros) are also very simple, with basic lines and especially you can widely customize the style with different accessories.

The trend, dictated in this last period by millennial brides, is much more than a fashion in the strict sense. The simplicity (and therefore also the price) of the dress goes hand in hand with the sobriety of the reception and the search for an intimate event to share with friends and family.

Here are some of H&M’s proposals for the 2020 bride.

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