In my previous article we dealt with the organization of the wedding abroad and since we are on the subject, why not also talk about the honeymoon?

The organization of your wedding requires a lot of commitment, and the honeymoon is just what you need for a bit ‘of relaxation, lots of love and dream landscapes to share.

On the decision of destinations there are some rather conflicting opinions: there are those who are looking for an adventurous trip with dynamic excursions, and those who prefer long stretches of white sand and exotic places.

Here are some tips on destinations and the best times to visit them and maybe organize a combined trip!

With the arrival of spring, April is a great month to visit Cuba, the Caribbean and Thailand or a nice mix with tours of the United States and Mexico.

May is a good time to fly to Canada to discover Niagara Falls, but also Hawaii, Polynesia and Seychelles. For the more adventurous, a nice tour in Namibia is a must.

From June to August there is a wide choice of locations ranging from Lapland and Norway to Turkey and Greece.

In September I highly recommend a nice tour in South Africa, or the timeless charm of Miami in combination with some European cities like Malaga or Paris.

During the month of October there are several low cost offers and for sure the best one is the Nile cruise, to be combined with a stay in Marsa Alam to discover the coral reef, or alternatively a tour in the evergreen Ireland, characterized by its beautiful landscapes and princely castles.

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