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Bride plan

Every wedding has its own story, and when it comes to planning a wedding in 3 months, it is a real challenge for us planners.

It is also important to note that placing a lot of trust in your planner is particularly important, especially when you do not have much time for planning.

First, focus on bureaucratic paperwork in the case of a civil wedding but especially if you opt for a religious rite.

Secondly, you must think about the location: even if it is an intimate wedding, it is not necessarily available, especially in high season, where the demand is undoubtedly greater.

To communicate it quickly and effectively to your guests I recommend a simple save the date, also to be sent online, to get a feedback as quickly as possible.

In addition, it is a choice that I do not recommend at all: there are newlyweds who have clear ideas from the beginning and know what their expectations are, there are newlyweds who need more time to reflect on their dreams, on what they really want and alas I cannot recommend this type of choice.

Finally, I always recommend the “few but good”: an intimate wedding organized in a truly short time is undoubtedly much more beautiful and romantic, surrounded by sincere ties and true friends.

Important for the bride and groom: use your agenda or calendar on your smartphone to plan (and remember) all the appointments and meetings you have planned…Always in line with your commitments!

You will see, with a pinch of organization and fun you will be able to put together a perfect wedding!




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