coppia di sposi al tramonto

Keep dreaming…Love wins over everything!

In this period, I decided to leave the virtual world to dedicate myself totally to those who entrusted me with the most important day of their lives.

Now on television, on the radio, in the newspapers there is nothing else and the whole business is in a state of absolute crisis.

We are living a very special moment that requires a spirit of sacrifice, a lot of attention and care.

With the couples, we have found a solution in order to be able to organize their wedding without any kind of restrictions, and to be able to live it 100% with their loved ones.

What I would like to communicate to all of you future spouses is not to cancel the date of your wedding, but to postpone it.

Don’t get caught up in anxiety, and worry.

Postpone it because this way you will have the opportunity to put only a small stand-by to all the work, commitment and projects that have been realized, and to keep alive that dream and those expectations that you have always had.

CONTINUE TO DREAM: it’s not a phrase like many others, it touches the deepest soul of each of you…Persevere, don’t get down and continue to live that day as if it were tomorrow…

If everything is already planned you should not be afraid to postpone the date…Because whether it is April or September, your wedding will be beautiful, unique and special.

I and many colleagues wedding planner we have made available to all of you future newlyweds in order to be able to help and hearten you in these difficult days.

I will be at the side of those who have already chosen me, but also of those who, during worries, need sincere help and all-round support.

Open your eyes…and keep dreaming…Love wins over everything!


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