The wedding is almost upon us and you probably haven’t thought about the children and their needs, but you should take them into consideration like everyone else if children of relatives and friends, grandchildren and cousins are on the guest list. Thinking about the children and what they are going to do is something not to be underestimated when planning your wedding: the risk is to see them bored or lose them while they are running around, putting the waiters loaded with plates and glasses and mum and dad’s nerves at risk.

Here are some tips on how to manage children from 0 to 10 years old:

  • Involve them – children always want to be the centre of attention, so a small theatre workshop or involving them with disposable cameras;
  • A menu organized specifically for them and why not, let them find a dedicated wedding bag with colors and pastels;
  • An entertainment with professional entertainers able to entertain them and not to be an obstacle for insiders;
  • A “bimbo friendly” location – where children have a dedicated area where they can have fun and enjoy themselves without any barriers.

And why not also give them a small favor dedicated to that day?

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