Are you planning an intimate wedding in Sardinia but you don’t know which location to choose? Here you will find the most suitable for a wedding with just a few guests.

Sardinia is something else: wider, much more usual, not at all irregular, but vanishing in the distance… Enchanting space around and distance to travel, nothing finished, nothing definitive. It’s like freedom itself.


Sardinia is a magical and beautiful island, which has wonderful locations perfect for an intimate wedding.

In particular I recommend South Sardinia for its incomparable coastline: long dream beaches and a sea that reminds (if not exceeds) the famous tropical paradises.

To the south, from the islands of San Pietro and Sant’Antioco to Porto Corallo you will discover colours and cultural riches that are hard to forget.

There is Pula, with its lively little squares, the archaeological area of Nora and Santa Margherita di Pula.

But there are also the enchanting beaches of Tuerredda in Cala Cipolla and the picture postcard promontory of Capo Spartivento.

Until finally arriving in the Gulf of Angels and more precisely in Cagliari.

Cagliari is the capital of the island, good food, art galleries, shopping, nature, and artistic beauties.

Cagliari is the city of sun, of joy, where every place is special and romantic.

It has everything you need for an intimate wedding: an endless beach, a medieval castle, a romantic garden within ancient walls and other spectacular places for your wedding.

Here are some of the most beautiful locations to celebrate your intimate wedding in Sardinia…

Poetto Beach

Poetto is the beach of Cagliari, protected by the promontory of the Sella del Diavolo which takes its name from an ancient legend where Lucifer, in the fight against the angels, lost his saddle and had to leave. And legend has it that those angels, still today, continue to protect this beautiful place.

In about four kilometers of beach you can choose between 11 areas along the whole beach for the celebration of the ceremony.

Poetto Beach-Sardinia
Poetto Beach, Sardinia

Saint Remy Bastion

Cagliari Cathedral in Cagliari old town, Sardinia, Italy, Europe.
Cagliari Cathedral in Cagliari old town, Sardinia, Italy, Europe.

The Saint Remy Bastion is an imposing late nineteenth century building in neoclassical style built on the ancient walls of the city. An imposing staircase topped by the Arc de Triomphe overlooks a long tree-lined avenue and is one of the most beautiful accesses to the old town.

Here, from the large panoramic terrace you can enjoy one of the breathtaking views of the city to the sea. Couples who choose this place will enjoy a space in the external colonnaded terrace, which is accessed by the monumental staircase.

Marina Piccola

Touristic Port of Marina Piccola, Sardinia

Marina Piccola is the marina of Cagliari where the Poetto beach begins. Here, among sailing boats and an unforgettable view of the entire seafront of Cagliari, there is the small amphitheater where you can celebrate the wedding.

These are just some venues you could choose to get married in Sardinia, if you want to know the others and understand which is the perfect place for your wedding, contact me.

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