Are you getting married on Lake Maggiore and looking for the right location? Here you will find the most beautiful and suitable location for an intimate wedding with few guests.

In Italy there is a large lake, which is called Lake Maggiore: it is a small sea, whose shores are entirely wild. In the middle of the lake, fifteen miles from the shore, there are two islands of a quarter circle, called “Borromee”, which are, in my opinion, the most enchanting place in the world. The soul is surprised by this fictional contrast, recalling with delight the wonders of novels, in which, after passing through rocks and arid villages, one finds oneself in fairytale places.


It is famous for its climate, architectural beauties, rich archaeological heritage, lush vegetation but above all for the wonderful views in which to lose your gaze. I’m talking about Lake Maggiore.

Lake Maggiore is protected by hills and mountains that ensure a milder climate than the hinterland. The coast is rich in castles and monumental villas, surrounded by lush gardens. The small towns that surround the lake offer romantic scenery for those who decide to get married here.

Luino is famous for its ancient churches and fresco cycles. Laveno has won the title of “country of ceramics“. Stresa pushes us to discover the Borromean Islands.

So let’s see which are the best locations for an intimate wedding on Lake Maggiore…

Isola dei Pescatori

location matrimoni intimi lago maggiore isola pescatori
Isola dei pescatori, Lake Maggiore

A small and ancient village, it’s characterized by narrow alleys on which stand out the typical multi-storey houses, with long balconies used for drying fish.

Its unmistakable profile is characterized by the sharp bell tower of the Church of San Vittore, a wonderful church to celebrate your wedding according to religious rite, or take advantage of the wonderful boutique hotels on the island with an incomparable view of the lake such as Hotel Verbano and Hotel Belvedere.


location matrimoni intimi lago maggiore
Camin Hotel Colmegna, Lake Maggiore

The town of Luino is the main town on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore.

It looks like a typical, elegant lake town, with the privilege of having an almost Mediterranean habitat. The promenade in the old town centre and in the lakefront, with its uphill streets, Renaissance and Baroque palaces such as the Camin Hotel Luino and the Camin Hotel Colmegna, the loggias of the inner courtyards, and the artisan shops make Luino very charming and of sure interest for a dream wedding.

Madonna del Sasso Sanctuary

destinazioni matrimoni elopement lago maggiore
Convent of Santa Caterina del Sasso, Lake Maggiore

The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso, stands on an imposing rocky spur of white granite overlooking the lake in the area of Leggiuno.

From the square of the Sanctuary there is an enchanting view: the view of the mountains of the Ossola up to Lake Orta and on the clearest days you can see as far as the Ligurian Apennines, in an unforgettable view from one of the most famous belvedere for your wedding day.

These are just some of the most beautiful locations for an intimate wedding on Lake Maggiore, if you want to know more and find out which is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding, write me.

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