When thinking about marriage, the first fundamental thing for a future bride is to find the perfect dress.

Through films, commercials and TV programs, the perfect dress is always imagined to be very wide, princely and with an infinite veil, which enhances the figure of the bride.

However, you also have to deal with an endless series of “obstacles” that sometimes make this type of dress a bit cumbersome and hard-to-manage.

That’s why many brides opt for a short, light and sparkling wedding dress with a contemporary and original character.

Stylists in the last period are giving wide visibility to this type of dress that is particularly suitable for those types of brides who prefer a more natural look and free from canonical settings.

I must admit that when I found myself having to choose my dress, I was attracted by a beautiful short dress, which I would not recommend during religious rites.

Below are two examples of the new 2020 collection by Nicole Spose and Elisabetta Polignano.

And have you already chosen your perfect dress?

A warm greeting.


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