The activities that are good for the heart … and weddings!

In this period from the web come the most varied news, but there are some people who stand out for their beautiful initiatives, made with the heart and concrete help.

Big companies in this period have decided to reinvent themselves to help Italy in this great emergency; an example is Giorgio Armani with the creation of gowns or Gucci and Ferragamo with the creation of masks for hospitals.

But there are those who, even in their “small” way, have contributed by giving their help and support to future bridegrooms.

A great example is given by Alessandra Rinaudo, director of Pronovias, who with the “Heroes Collection” decides to give wedding dresses to all those who are part of a hospital staff.

It’s a brave and beautiful initiative and it’s also a way to thank those who are at the forefront of hospitals in this period.

Another nice message is given by the Wedding Planner Cira Lombardo, who with her “Help Spose” offers a free service to all those couples who have to reschedule their wedding.

An equally beautiful project is given by Francesca Zacchello, Milanese wedding planner of Favola Reale, who is at the complete disposal of those who need a new planning of their wedding, asking for a small donation that will be entirely devolved to the Lombardy Region.

And finally, there are also me, who made myself completely available and free of charge to all newlyweds who need a new planning, advice or moral support in this period certainly not easy.

You can send me a message, an e-mail or contact me by phone.

The time has come to strengthen each other, to create a real community and to help with initiatives that are good for the heart and spirit.

Live with emotions and don’t stop now…Love never stops!


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