Marriage is the recurring dream of most women that starts since you were a child but, now that you are close to the big day, you imagine a very intimate, informal event with the closest relatives and the truest friends, wanting to abandon all the traditions of the wedding … Why not?

The term “To elope” in English means “to run away without turning back” and in the case of this type of wedding, it has an even stronger and decidedly romantic value: to organize a trip to an exotic destination, or for foreign couples in our beautiful Italy with its countless locations, and invite only the people of your heart or even just the officiant and witnesses.

According to a survey by Lonely Planet, exotic destinations are the most popular, while for straining couples Italy always remains at the top of the ranking where regions like Tuscany, Sardinia and Campania emerge.

If you are convinced that you want to organize an elopement wedding without being afraid of disappointing family and friends, here are some ideas and places to celebrate it:

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