The placeholder is one of the many important details during your wedding because it helps guests to find their way around and find their place at the table quickly and easily, if there are more than eight people.

But if there are more than a hundred, sometimes the bride and groom also opt for a hostess service that, with a well-defined scheme, accompanies guests to their table.

A well-established trend is the combination tableau mariage and placeholder.

The Tableau, which is normally placed at the entrance of the room, indicates to the guests the table assigned to them, while the placeholder indicates the place designed by the bride and groom for them.

But how to choose them?

First, it is essential to match them according to the theme or color chosen for the preparation of your wedding, and must follow certain rules.

It is preferable not to opt for candles or perfumed objects, so even objects too important, which would only spoil the dinner to guests and would not give the right value to the gifts designed, but a card or a small object, visible, perhaps made and handwritten, or even a small green detail, which gives a touch of elegance to the table and will certainly be appreciated by guests.

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