Have you ever attended an Italian wedding without finding a candy station? Most of you will surely answer no, and this is because Italy is now the home of sugared almonds, which is “infecting” even overseas weddings.

But the doubt of every bride is: which of all the existing ones to choose? And how many sugared almonds do you order? Never panic but evaluate a series of circumstances and find out together how to choose them.

In Italy you are used to see an endless table of sugared almonds, to satisfy your grandmother or aunt used to the weddings of the past, especially if they originate from the south, but the reality is very different … You should calculate every 50 people at least 5 kg of sugared almonds, for an estimate of 10-12 sugared almonds each.

For the classic bride and groom, I recommend the almond almond sugared, which satisfy everyone and is still the most traditional sugared almond.

But if you are looking for something more original, you can indulge yourself with a variety of flavours: pistachio, chocolate, lemon, coconut or even “extreme” flavours such as tiramisu, mojito or limoncello.

The bride and groom, on the other hand, who follow fashion and trends cannot but opt for gold and silver sugared almonds.

My super advice is to make your sugared almond original by including themed lollipops, or macarons or cookies, to make it amazing and original.

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