Who among you has never heard of the work of the wedding planner? And what wedding planner has never heard of phrases like “Blessed you, they pay you to make bows and light candles”.

In recent years there has been a real boom in this profession and, at the same time, the courses to become a wedding planner have trebled significantly (I recommend you must always recognize the serious and professional courses and be wary of those online and cheap … But this is another speech …) But what does a wedding planner really do?

The wedding planner is the one who organizes and plans from A to Z all the dynamics of marriage, selects professionals and proposes the most original ideas to the couple, accelerates most of the dynamics and relieves the bride and groom from most of the burden. Also is always ready and willing to answer any questions (do you know how many emails are sent and answers from beginning to end of the planning with images, texts attached?) and to find a solution in any case?

Obviously, all choices and proposals must first be evaluated and approved in order to find a compromise for the success of the event. professional wedding planners are not all the same, but differ in the style they propose and to those who propose it, because the couples who get married are not all the same, and each would like to characterize their marriage in a totally different way: those who prefer the luxury sector, those who love shabby chic, those who prefer an intimate and small wedding, those who prefer weddings in larger …

Each of us has a special feature that distinguishes it and each of us is ready to give the couple a special day and unforgettable.

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