Do you remember your mom and dad’s house full of statues and ashtrays with a bag of sugared almonds attached, which were a must to give to the guests at every wedding?

Well, now times have changed a lot, and even the favors have had an evolution not to be underestimated. certainly, a favor must be not only beautiful but also original and above all useful, that leaves its mark, with some green touch and why not also edible.

A wedding favor that has caught on is undoubtedly the gastronomic wedding favor and here you can really enjoy it: from the oncine oil to mini bottles of wine, from organic jam to homemade honey.

A real blaze of smells and flavors to share at home at any time of the day.

Another very green must is certainly the plant (fat and not) always very welcome by guests, especially those who have the classic green thumb. Even this type of favor is very original to be able to take care of at home and watch it grow day by day.

Another type of favor of impact is certainly the sympathetic one. In addition to being objects made by hand by volunteers, you will donate the entire amount to an association dear to you.

In short, there is just the embarrassment of choice, so get ready to surprise your guests with original ideas and certainly tasteful!

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