A few days ago I came across an article that confirmed an increase in marriages compared to 2018.

According to ISTAT data, there are about 4500 more marriages than in the previous year, and the trend to marry later and later is continuing: on average 33.7 year olds and 31.5 year olds.

Half of the marriages also take place in a civil ceremony, especially in the north of Italy.

ISTAT also notes that 17.3% of marriages celebrated in Italy at least one spouse is foreign, and 2,808 unions of same-sex couples.

At the same time there is an increase of 9.6% in couples who entrust the wedding planner with the planning of the event.

This is certainly an important fact, and it means that couples continue to believe in this union: whether it is a religious rite, symbolic or civil, is a very important step to take in the life of each of us.

Having a competent and professional person who can help you in the organization of your wedding is just as important … And have you already found it?

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