Lago Maggiore


When the bride and groom are looking for the perfect wedding planner for them, they want her to be empathetic, suited to your needs, your character and communicate esteem, reliability, seriousness.

We must not forget that she must be professional, able to accomplish what you have in mind, if she has the right suppliers and if she is able to satisfy your most bizarre requests also in terms of location and destinations…

And it’s just about destinations that I want to talk to you: Sardinia and Lake Maggiore.

Many wedding planners specialize in a well-defined destination, known and perhaps where they live, while others opt for other regions of Italy, in order to have a wider range of options.

My choice is simply linked by two very common factors: my past and my present.


(especially southern Sardinia and Cagliari) is where I was born, where I lived all my adolescence and part of my adult life.

It’s a place I particularly care about, where my family and my best friends still live, and it’s a feeling that I also transmit to the newlyweds: with its uncontaminated nature, its postcard beaches, its rich traditions it’s impossible to decide not to get married in this land of a thousand faces!

Lake Maggiore

on the other hand, in particular the area of Luino and Maccagno, welcomed me and my husband years ago. But once I explored far and wide, with its countless botanical gardens, with its enchanting villas full of history, and its islands so perfect

I could only fall in love with the place that “adopted” me ! This unconditional love of mine is also perceived by the couples, who choose this destination also for that veil of mystery and romance that it gives!

And so, given so much beauty and uniqueness, why not create a wedding in both destinations? Maybe organizing an elopement with symbolic rite in Sardinia and an intimate wedding on the shores of Lake Maggiore or vice versa?

Because you know … In every wedding there is an element a bit ‘eccentric that customizes it, and even in yours there will be!

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