Spring bridal bouquet: the best flower arrangements for the season
bouquet sposa primaverile


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Among the unfailing elements in the wedding ensemble of a bride, there is without a doubt the bouquet; that romantic floral composition that boasts centuries of history and traditions. For spring brides, the variables are many, both in colors and in types of flowers, after all, it is the season when nature gives the best of itself. Here, then, what are the best combinations for a spring bridal bouquet.

Spring bridal bouquet: daisies are an evergreen of the season

When you think of a flower or spring, one of the flower species that immediately comes to mind is the daisy. It is the symbol of the good season, because it is precisely in this period that the fields are covered with these delicate white flowers with a hint of yellow. Precisely because of their sophistication they are very much used in wedding compositions, perhaps accompanied by other species a little more “showy”.

bouquet sposa primaverile
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One example are roses, the queens of flowers, which many brides choose on their wedding day to adorn the setting. Their refinement and elegance, combined with the simplicity of daisies, makes the spring bridal bouquet a perfect mix of scents, colors and shapes that recall the beautiful season and embody femininity.

To each bride her composition!

Following the seasonal blooms in the choice of your bouquet is definitely the right choice to make. However, do not forget that even in the flower arrangement your personality and the style of the whole wedding must be followed.

Spring weddings are often organized outdoors just to take advantage of the light and warmth of the sun that gently warms. If for your wedding you have thought of a country style wedding, simple and genuine, perhaps surrounded by nature, your ideal spring wedding bouquet can only be inspired by wildflowers.

bouquet sposa primaverile
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Free way, then, to fragrant sprigs of lavender and ears of corn, perhaps combined with delicate buttercups to give a touch of elegance and classicism. In a bouquet, in fact, it is important that all its elements are well balanced to give harmony to the whole. Sometimes, however, a deliberately disordered look is not bad at all, especially if you want to emphasize authenticity and naturalness.

Spring bridal bouquet: what are the most beautiful flowers of this season?

From soft colors to more vibrant ones, spring is absolutely the season with the greatest variety of flowers. Among the most beautiful species are peonies, which are in great demand in the wedding industry for their delicate appearance and colors ranging from the most intense coral to antique pink.

As well as peonies, buttercups are among the most used flowers for the decorations and bouquets of a spring wedding. Their characteristic rounded shape composed of layers of more petals, makes them perfect for compositions with a romantic and youthful taste at the same time.

bouquet sposa primaverile
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And finally, hydrangeas, a “vaporous” flower with an elegant name, characterized by corollas rich in small petals. They are appreciated for their particular “bearing” shape that gives the bouquet a fairy-tale and ethereal air.

Anyway, in spring you are spoiled for choice, you just have to choose your favorite flower and fantasize about your bouquet.