The importance of timing on your wedding day


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Timing on your wedding day

Here we come to an especially important topic that most of the time is underestimated, which is the timing of your wedding.

Well, dear newlyweds, this sort of “schedule” will be a particularly important key to the success of your wedding, because it will mention all the stages of your day, from the preparations to the party.

It is also important to anticipate any delays, or other small unforeseen events that may “slip” the timing, so I always recommend a good plan B, so as to be prepared for everything and try to avoid any surprises as much as possible.

The catering will need first of all the timing of your wedding,which will need to evaluate the timing for the service and preparation of dishes during the aperitif, the reception the very important cutting of the cake and the open bar.

Secondly, it may happen that some relative or friend decides to entertain everyone with the classic speech, or that the witnesses have prepared without your knowledge some interesting and colorful surprise.

And above all, to avoid that the dancing party lasts too little, it’s important to mark precisely the right times…Be “generous” with the timing, don’t be too fiscal.

My advice is always to entrust you to a wedding planner who will coordinate your day in the best possible way, instead of entrusting this task to friendly witnesses or even worse to the location or catering, who already have their good work!


an accurate and well-planned timing will make your wedding day undoubtedly dynamic, but well organized and pleasant both for you and the guests.

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