The most exclusive venues for your wedding on Lake Maggiore
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The wedding is one of the most beautiful days of life, that moment full of emotions in which we exchange promises of eternal love … Precisely for this reason, the desire of every couple is to celebrate their wedding surrounded by a wonderful and unique atmosphere. Here for you my selection of the 3 most intimate and exclusive locations on Lake Maggiore where to pronounce the fateful “Yes!”.

Unique location on Lake Maggiore: the magical atmosphere of Lake D’Elio

The wind blowing through the trees, the soft sound of the water, the mountains reflected on its surface. Lago D’Elio is a hidden corner of paradise located at an altitude of 1000 meters. It is a basin of glacial origin surrounded by the mountains Cadrigna and Borgna overlooking Lake Maggiore.

location lago maggiore
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Its history is full of mystery, there are many legends about it. Some say that there was a village called Elio that was destroyed and swallowed by the waters as a result of an earthquake, others that following the failed attempt of St. Sylvester to convert the inhabitants of the village, a storm hit them and they sank.

For newlyweds who love nature and mystery, Lake D’Elio is the perfect location on Lake Maggiore for their wedding. An almost fairy-tale place where the quiet is absolute and the landscapes breathtaking.

Saying “Yes!” among the beauty of the Sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso

On a spectacular spur of rock, overlooking the town of Locarno and the waters of Lake Maggiore, stands the majestic Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso.

location lago maggiore
Fonte ph | Sacro Monte Madonna del Sasso

Its history dates back to 1480, when a monk of the convent of Locarno decided to build holy places dedicated to the Virgin following an apparition. A place of devotion full of artistic riches, connected to the center of Locarno by a small road lined with places of worship.

It is no coincidence that this complex is called Sacro Monte and spirituality is the absolute protagonist of these places. An exclusive location on Lake Maggiore, surrounded by a surreal atmosphere perfect for sealing your promises of love.

Unique Location on Lake Maggiore: Villa Pizzini on Mottarone

Far from the hustle and bustle of the lakeside towns, at 1400 m above sea level is Villa Pizzini, an ancient hunting lodge dating back to 1800. Surrounded by nature and mountains and overlooking Lake Maggiore, Villa Pizzini is a complex where elegance and simplicity come together. The perfect location for a wedding in the name of beauty and authenticity.

The restaurant, in fact, offers land and lake dishes and boasts reviews on the Michelin guide. To complete all then, there are three rooms available to guests. A magical place surrounded by the silence of nature.