Top 5 good reasons for planning an intimate wedding
Matrimonio intimo


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Intimate wedding

In my article today, I decided to tell you the top 5 reasons for planning an intimate wedding.

I do not deny that most people, when they think about the wedding, imagine it with a disproportionate number of guests exceeding 100.

But it is also true that there is a revolution in weddings, where even some VIPs have decided to opt for a much smaller wedding (such as Robbie Williams, Milla Jojovich or Christina Aguilera).

In fact, especially in this period the intimate wedding (so also the elopement) is reassessing a lot, in view of the rules of distancing and space management.

So that is why you should organize an intimate wedding:

  1. You will celebrate the most important day of your life surrounded by the people who really love you and who love you, feeling more relaxed and comfortable.


2. You have more options when it comes to location: you can orient yourself to more intimate or special locations,            such as a small beach, a boutique hotel, or even take advantage of the backyard.


3. You can spend more time with your guests, making them feel unique and welcome and making them feel just                 like home.


4. The personalization of the wedding is much easier, being able to opt for a more refined menu, a more original               cadeau or a band with a special sound.


5. People will remember your wedding with pleasure, because it will be different from all the other weddings they            have been to, for the intimate atmosphere  and for that sense of family that you breathed.

And you have decided to organize your intimate wedding, but you do not know where to start?

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