Wedding in southern Sardinia: the best locations for green weddings
matrimonio nel sud sardegna


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One of the trends of the new year in terms of weddings is precisely sustainability and attention to the environment. Many couples, in fact, prefer simplicity to opulence, something that reminds the land of origin or the territory chosen to celebrate the wedding. If your desire is to celebrate a wedding in the south of Sardinia in the name of authenticity, here are the best green locations.

Wedding in southern Sardinia: Corte Noa and the memory of ancient traditions

A few kilometers from the center of Pula, immersed in the luxuriant nature of the Mediterranean, rises Corte Noa, a place that recalls the structure of the courts of the ancient town houses of the area. The name “corte” derives just from the Latin “cohors” and it indicates that wide space in front of the houses used for amusement, chatting and entertainment.

matrimonio nel sud sardegna
Fonte ph | Corte Noa

And it is right there, between arcades and balconies, that you can celebrate your wedding in southern Sardinia with a green theme, because the atmosphere is welcoming and warm, almost like a country house. That place of your childhood that had left in you wonderful memories.

The peculiarity of Corte Noa is in its cuisine, which recalls the flavors and smells of the Sardinian tradition. A varied menu that includes specialties of land and sea with raw materials at zero km from farms and gardens in the area. Sustainability and authenticity are the founding pillars of Corte Noa, and make it the ideal location for green weddings.

The wide green spaces of IsPaulis Area Club and Villa Pia

A wedding in southern Sardinia that celebrates the love for nature and the environment, as well as that of the couple, can only be celebrated in a large green space. IsPaulis Area Club and Villa Pia, are two of the most beautiful and rich in vegetation locations in the area of Cagliari.

matrimonio nel sud sardegna
Fonte ph | Is Paulis

Tutta la bellezza della campagna sarda si staglia di fronte alla terrazza di Is Paulis Area Club, il verde dei campi fa da contrasto con l’azzurro del cielo all’orizzonte. Immagina di festeggiare insieme ai tuoi cari il giorno più bello della tua vita, con la luce del tramonto che illumina ogni cosa.

matrimonio nel sud sardegna
Fonte ph | Villa Pia

All the beauty of the Sardinian countryside stands out in front of the terrace of Is Paulis Area Club, the green of the fields contrasts with the blue of the sky on the horizon. Imagine celebrating with your loved ones the most beautiful day of your life, with the light of sunset that illuminates everything.

Near the park Monte Arcosu, instead, rises the elegant Villa Pia. A location with a simple style immersed in the green territory of Cagliari. Among agave plants, palms and bougainvillea plants, you could enjoy a dinner by the pool based on quality raw materials of the territory.

Wedding in south Sardinia: wedding among the vineyards of Baccalamanza

For wedding couples who love nature and genuineness, Locanda di Baccalamanza is one of the most suitable locations to satisfy every need. 1700 square meters of park, dotted with vineyards and gardens, frame a rustic but characteristic farmhouse.

Immersed in a landscape that includes sea and hills, Locanda Baccalamanza offers endless spaces both inside and outside and a cuisine that evokes typical flavors of the Sardinian territory.

A location where nature and authenticity come together in a perfect combination for a green wedding. A wedding made of simple things, where what matters is the true value of the union for life.