Wedding planner: why its role is important in covid era
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Planning a wedding is always something extremely delicate. It is about bringing to life what you have always dreamed of. In the period we are living due to the pandemic, this goal may be a little more difficult to achieve. However, getting married in the covid era is possible and if a wedding planner is at your side, everything will be even easier.

Wedding planner and the trust relationship with the bride and groom

Differently from what you might think about the role of the wedding planner, his task is not only reduced to the organizational part of the event. The realization of a day as important and personal as the wedding, presupposes first of all a sincere relationship of trust with the bride and groom.

Creating empathy with the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be is one of the fundamental steps of my work. It is necessary to know the tastes and personalities of each of them as individuals and then as a couple, trying to interpret the dynamics. Only in this way it will be possible to create an event that is up to their desires and their inclinations.

wedding planner
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In the time of tightness and limitations we are experiencing due to the Covid pandemic, this step is even more important. It’s possible that the wedding was postponed and there was a need to revise the budget and numbers. It’s certainly not good news, but the wedding planner is ready to support the couple and reassure them that the event will be perfect in any case, even if with a few extra tricks.

Knowledge of suppliers and locations – a significant plus!

Once I listened to the needs of the bride and groom, as a wedding planner I immediately get an idea of what might be the right locations and vendors for them. Each event is different from the other, because different are the couples and their personalities, so in my work it is necessary that I have a thorough knowledge of all the locations and the best professionals in the area.

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The places where I work are mainly Lake Maggiore and South Sardinia. Exactly the lands where I was born and where I live, and this allows me to know every corner perfectly.

Today, there are many venues that due to the pandemic have established new rules or have had to change their calendars. Having an organizer to coordinate everything is crucial in these cases, as it facilitates communication between the couple and vendors.

Business, negotiations, calendars and budgets are part of the “wedding planner profession”, precisely because the ultimate goal is the happiness and carefreeness of the couple on the most beautiful day of their lives.

Wedding planner: a valid support

One of the problems that most often besets the couple is the management of the budget and appointments with suppliers. In this period a bit ‘difficult all this is amplified and the role of the organizer becomes predominant.

The goal I aim to achieve for my spouses is to realize their dreams by exceeding their own expectations, reassuring them that even in a period like this everything can still become reality.

Budgeting and postponed appointments are handled entirely by the wedding planner and as a result, the couple doesn’t have to worry about anything but looking forward to – and enjoying – their big day.