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Hello, I’m Martina, Your Destination Wedding Planner

I’m Martina, a destination wedding planner on a mission to craft distinctive, intimate weddings and elopements with style, integrity, and a touch of creativity. I firmly believe that exceptional experiences and beautiful moments authentically reflect our true selves.

I’m passionate about extraordinary love stories and dedicated to helping you share yours. Whether you seek an intimate, personal, and authentic wedding or you’re a contemporary couple in search of something unique, I’m the perfect choice for you.

My aim is to narrate your story through an immersive atmosphere that ensures your comfort, while emphasizing what truly matters to you…

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“A warm welcome, it’s a pleasure to meet you!”

I believe trust forms the cornerstone of all things beautiful in this world. Honesty and openness are values I uphold, and I encourage the same from you. I deeply respect everyone’s thoughts and individual needs.

My empathetic nature allows me to comprehend your emotions and adeptly navigate various situations. I am committed to harnessing my full capabilities to ensure that your wedding is a genuine reflection of your essence.

I specialize in crafting weddings that defy clichés, featuring a unique style, meticulously planned with precision and a touch of creativity.

Martina Events & Weddings is designed for those in pursuit of an authentic wedding experience, be it romantic or adventurous, shared with loved ones or experienced solo. Together, we’ll co-create a distinctive day that narrates your unique love story”.

Born in Cagliari, at the heart of the captivating South of Sardinia, I have the sea and traditional roots deeply ingrained in my identity. I also spent over a decade in Luino, where I was embraced by the Lombards, along the mesmerizing shores of Lake Maggiore. It’s precisely these two exceptional places where I’ve chosen to curate indelible intimate weddings and elopements!

Sardinia, with its paradisiacal beaches and enchanting landscapes, sets the stage for intimate and romantic weddings like no other. Lake Maggiore, on the other hand, with its pristine lake, villas, castles, and islands, offers an ideal backdrop for mysterious and sophisticated weddings. Both locations possess a distinct charm that, coupled with my creative touch and extensive experience as an artistic director in global villages and resorts, brings intimate and unforgettable weddings to life.


fun facts about me

“What was my first job?”

Artistic Manager for renowned international tour operators.

“Two outstanding qualities”

Tenacity and Generosity

“The best advice I can give:”

never give up

“When I am not working, you can find me.”

“In a tennis court.”


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