Wedding weekend at Villa Emden: a wedding with history and green nature
wedding weekend a villa emden


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If you are imagining your big day immersed in the unspoilt greenery of the Isola Grande di Brissago, amidst the gentle sound of the waters of Lake Maggiore and you love the intimacy and nature of the lake; a wedding weekend at Villa Emden is for yourself. For you.

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Wedding weekend at Villa Emden: a story to tell

The Brissago Islands are two islands in the Swiss part of Lake Maggiore, formed by the erosion of a hill. The mild climate favours the growth of tropical plant species.

In 1885, Richard and Antoinette Fleming St. Leger bought the Brissago Islands. Their passion for botany led them to refurbish an old convent and create the beautiful garden. Today it is the perfect place to organise a wedding weekend at Villa Emden.

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Mrs St Leger, now left alone, sold the two beautiful islands to Max Emden in 1927. He is credited with the creation of the rich mansion that we now call Villa Emden. It was built on the ruins of the old convent and inside everything is reminiscent of Italian beauty. From the Carrara marble to the inlaid Florentine floor.

The ideal venue for a romantic reception

In the unique ambience of the villa’s restaurant, you can host your wedding weekend reception at Villa Emden. But that’s not all. Surrounded by thousands of subtropical plant species, the terraces and verandas offer your guests a breathtaking view.

An experience that involves the senses. From the marvellous colours of the lake, to the inimitable taste of dishes prepared with quality ingredients and according to tradition.

For an aperitif or the cake cutting, the Roman Bath is one of the most beautiful corners of the villa. A garden by the lake, where the wonder of Lake Maggiore stands out before the eyes of all the guests. A large swimming pool completes the whole, recreating a romantic, intimate and elegant atmosphere.

Wedding weekend at villa Emden: a dream lake view

What makes Villa Emden the hidden dream of many Italian and international couples is its fairy-tale, almost mysterious aura. Many choose it as a destination for a weekend of love, where they can not only celebrate their wedding but also enjoy the place.

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From the towns on the mainland such as Ascona, Locarno or Brissago, to the beauties of Lake Maggiore and then back to the Brissago Islands. A destination not to be missed is undoubtedly the botanical park on Isola Grande with its 2000 botanical species from all over the world.

Guided tours, boat trips and much more will characterise your unique and romantic wedding weekend.