Wedding weekend south Sardinia: when the wedding turns into a vacation
wedding weekend sud sardegna


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When it comes to weddings, it’s almost taken for granted to think that it’s a single day where all the most beautiful and exciting moments are concentrated. But what if I told you that all this could last an entire weekend? Here are some original ideas for organizing a wedding weekend in southern Sardinia!

Wedding weekend south Sardinia: a professional help for a dream weekend

Celebrating your wedding in a magical place in Sardinia, surrounded by friends and relatives is the dream of every future bride. The realization of such a great desire, however, requires time and attention to detail. Although it can be exciting just the organization of the wedding, it could also be very stressful. The help of a professional, therefore, is essential, especially if what you want is that the magic of your wedding lasts an entire weekend!

Organize a wedding weekend in the south of Sardinia, means wanting to fully experience the beauty of its landscapes and traditions of its territories.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of this area of the island, where I was born and raised, and its most beautiful venues, I can assist you in finding the location aligned to your tastes and in choosing the best suppliers in the area.

In the days that follow or precede your romantic weekend, I will accompany you to discover the most beautiful places, organizing food and wine tours or adventurous excursions for you and your guests. Moments full of joy that will leave their mark!

Discovering Marina Piccola and the gulf of Cagliari

One of the most beautiful and significant places in the southern part of Sardinia is definitely the marina of Cagliari: Marina piccola. There, among the glitter of the sea, and the city of Cagliari in the background, stands a small amphitheater where you can celebrate your wedding.

wedding weekend sud sardegna
Fonte ph | Cagliari wedding destination

A ceremony marked only by the sound of seagulls and the sound of the sea, which will end with an exceptional reception: a typical dinner in the ancient district of Marina. It is one of the four historic districts of Cagliari, characterized by narrow streets overlooked by churches and architectural evidence dating back to Roman times.

Through guided tours and visits to the most evocative places, you can take a dip in the history and traditions of the city.

But the icing on the cake, at the end of the dream weekend, will be the tour on a sailing boat with the opportunity to dive into the waters of the gulf and admire from a different perspective the promontory of the Devil’s Saddle.

Wedding weekend south Sardinia: a wedding between history and tastings in Nora

South-west of the city of Cagliari, in a surreal context, rises one of the most ancient archaeological sites of Sardinia, that of the city of Nora. In Roman times it was famous for its thermal baths, the remains of which can be admired today. As well as those of the Piazza del Foro, of an ancient temple and of the noble villa covered with mosaics.

For newlyweds who love art, history and archeology, this is the ideal location to celebrate their wedding. A unique location and a bit ‘out of the box, where the sound of your promises will echo among the ruins of the history of Italy.

wedding weekend sud sardegna
Fonte ph | Pula va a nozze

After the emotion of a ceremony back in time, a reception on the golden beach of Pula will be a must, enjoying the suggestive panorama in front of you. And to conclude in beauty, the next day the newlyweds and their guests can taste the wines of the Sardinian tradition and match them with the flavors of this land by visiting the historical Argiolas winery.

A wedding weekend, in fact, is an opportunity to fully experience the area, discover the beauty and give yourself the excitement and joy of marriage for more than just one day.