Winter intimate wedding? Why not?


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Winter intimate wedding


Spring is at the height of its beauty and is slowly making way for summer… This is the time when many weddings should have been celebrated but alas postponed, many to 2021 but some to this year’s winter period.

Winter represents nature stripping, the presence of less light and a rather harsh climate, but at the same time if you think of the winter wedding is an intimate event full of atmosphere, with fireplaces lit, Christmas lights, in short, a show of emotions!

So why not consider winter to organize your intimate wedding?

First of all, my advice is to evaluate the availability of the locations, considering that not all of them will be open and opt for those that have a fireplace inside … It will create a very intimate and intimate environment.

Secondly, I recommend getting married in the morning, so you can take advantage of the light both to get better photos, and to bring out the details of your dress and fittings.

In addition, you will not have the thought to think about the weather: the weather conditions during a winter wedding are quite obvious and clear, so you prefer a location with indoor and warm rooms.

Another pro is that you can have fun with the details: opt for a total white wedding or with silver notes, or burgundy and powder gray, special scents such as cinnamon and chocolate and warm and enveloping fabrics such as damask and velvets.

Be careful, however: avoid the Christmas period to get married: it would be risky because many guests may have organized before time to spend the holidays with the family or organized a trip.

And what do you think? Are you ready to organize your winter intimate wedding?