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We specialize in bringing your dream wedding to life. Whether you envision an intimate ceremony, a romantic elopement, or an exclusive event, we collaborate closely with you to turn your vision into a reality. Our personalized and tailored services are designed to match your preferences, guaranteeing that your guests enjoy a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

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intimate: intimate weddings

Imagine a picturesque sunset ceremony, a lakeside brunch, or an intimate dinner with a mesmerizing ocean backdrop. The key to an unforgettable celebration lies in prioritizing the people dearest to you, with a maximum guest limit of 50. This allows you to invest more time and effort into the unique details that weave your love story, free from the pressure of pleasing a large crowd.

What could be more special than a reception designed like a close-knit family gathering, complemented by the soothing notes of an acoustic guitar in the background? It’s an opportune moment to center your focus on love, happiness, and creating indelible memories with the most cherished individuals in your life.

elope: elopements

Elopement is an exceptional choice for couples looking to celebrate their love in a non-conventional way, departing from the customs of traditional weddings. By embracing this alternative, the bride and groom opt for a romantic escape to a special location, either in the company of a select few close friends or in complete privacy. This option is particularly ideal for those seeking an intimate and romantic moment in a charming ambiance, free from the expectations and formalities often associated with traditional weddings. Elopement offers couples the opportunity to craft a distinctive and unforgettable experience that will etch a lasting memory in their hearts.

celebrate: wedding weekend

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the process: how it works



We’re Thrilled to Plan Your Event – In-Person or Virtually!

We eagerly anticipate arranging a meeting, whether in person or via video call, to gain insight into your priorities, expectations, and wishes. Together, we will pinpoint the essential elements to focus on and commence the search for top-notch providers to join our team. We’re committed to keeping you informed about our progress through monthly meetings and will furnish you with personalized access to a shared folder for exchanging ideas, contract details, and more. We’re excited to embark on this incredible journey with you!


Search for venues, supplier selection and management.

Discover the Ideal Venue for Your Unforgettable Day

We recognize the significance of choosing the perfect location for your special day. To assist you in this endeavor, we’ve curated individual folders dedicated to each venue. Inside each folder, you’ll find an extensive array of photos and videos showcasing the area, along with comprehensive technical specifications. We also provide valuable insights into the advantages and potential considerations in adverse weather conditions.

Our pride lies in our collaboration with a diverse group of seasoned, highly professional vendors, all set to fulfill your every requirement. Let’s embark on this journey together and get started!


guest care+ time line

At Your Service for an Exceptional Guest Experience

Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to guarantee an unforgettable experience for your guests. We excel in coordinating a variety of transfers and providing guidance on high-end accommodations for their stay. Furthermore, we assist you in crafting a personalized website highlighting local attractions and points of interest.

Moreover, we’ll meticulously outline a comprehensive timeline for your event, ensuring all essential details are in place for the most significant day of your life. Count on us to manage logistics, allowing you to wholeheartedly savor this special day and cherish its memories.

Melissa and Uzair
Melissa and Uzair
Leggi Tutto
We are so thankful to have found Martina Events & Weddings to plan our destination wedding on Lake Maggiore. We envisioned an intimate ceremony with 20 of our closest friends and family and Martina delivered! In some ways she knew what we wanted more than we knew ourselves. Martina came to us with multiple options for each vendor and each time it was an easy decision. We're so glad that we trusted her with planning and running our big day.