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Discover the Perfect Wedding Destination in Sardinia: Turquoise Waters, Pristine Beaches, and More

Are you searching for a picturesque seaside location for your dream wedding? Look no further than Sardinia, the ultimate destination for couples seeking paradise. Sardinia boasts stunning turquoise waters, untouched beaches, and untamed landscapes that create an idyllic backdrop for your special day.

Picture yourself exchanging vows on a tranquil, sun-kissed sandy beach, surrounded by the soothing sounds of sea waves and the warm embrace of the Mediterranean sun. Sardinia offers more than just breathtaking beaches; it features wind-carved rock formations, ancient archaeological sites, thousand-year-old Nuraghe structures, and fragrant myrtle and broom forests.

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or an intimate symbolic ceremony, Sardinia’s magnificent locations can fulfill your every desire. Make your wedding day truly unforgettable in Sardinia’s natural beauty.

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Martina helped us organize the most incredible wedding weekend in Sardinia and we could not be happier with how the whole experience went. We worked with her for the past 2 years relying completely on her deep knowledge, experience and connections with the highest standard local vendors. Martina is not only a knowledgeable, super organized and professional wedding planner, but she's also a kind, patient, observant and fun person who was a pleasure to work with. She is passionate about her job and that shows not only in the incredible events she organizes but also in how the vendors work well with her (and also have very nice things to say about how she conducts her business - which is so important). Our wedding weekend was the most extraordinary one, perfect in all the details and completely aligned to our preferences and personalities which Martina spent time understanding and accommodating with the greatest flexibility and understanding. Our guests who were traveling from all over the world to celebrate with us had a wonderful time and many told us they had never been to a wedding like ours. Martina and her staff have done a tremendous job to ensure everything went smoothly and seamlessly, so that we could fully enjoy the celebrations. We are so thankful to their amazing work and we couldn't recommend them more highly. Grazie mille, Martina & team! A&R

Some inspirations


cagliari and bastione of saint remy

Discover the enchanting Poetto Beach in Cagliari, nestled at the base of Devil’s Saddle promontory, steeped in ancient legend. According to the tale, Lucifer lost his saddle during a celestial battle with angels, leaving this picturesque location for us to enjoy. With approximately four kilometers of golden sandy shoreline, Poetto Beach offers 11 distinct coastal areas, making it an ideal setting for symbolic ceremonies and celebrations.

Experience the grandeur of Bastione Saint Remy, a neoclassical architectural gem constructed at the close of the 19th century upon the historic city walls of Cagliari. Ascend its majestic staircase adorned with a Triumphal arch, leading to a tree-lined avenue, creating one of the most captivating gateways to Cagliari’s historic center. From the expansive terrace, relish in breathtaking panoramic views spanning the city and extending to the sea.


pula and nora

Nestled in the southwest region of Cagliari, this enchanting medieval town is a top-tier destination for tourists. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of its renowned beaches, including Santa Margherita and Su Gunventeddu, along with the scenic lagoon of Nora, home to the Environmental Education Center and the lush Pixina Manna forest.

This location boasts historical significance with the remarkable archaeological site of Nora and the captivating Sant’Efisio church. But that’s not all – it’s also a perfect place for your dream wedding. From the charming Casa Frau residences to the romantic shores of Nora Beach, and the unique ambience of the Patroni Museum, you’ll discover the ideal settings to celebrate your love.


south sardinia

If you’re searching for an enchanting coastal destination, look no further than South Sardinia. Experience the natural beauty of this region with a civil ceremony within the ancient walls of a nuraghe or a reception surrounded by lush vineyards. Picture an unforgettable, exclusive wedding by the historic lighthouse’s imposing walls or a unique celebration at the entrance of an old mine. Indulge in the intimacy of love with a romantic getaway to one of the picturesque lakes offering breathtaking views. Sardinia beckons you to craft a truly magical moment, captivating you with its limitless possibilities and undeniable charm.

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wedding in sardinia
wedding in sardinia
wedding in sardinia