Summer wedding menu: the tastiest and freshest ideas for the big day
menù per un matrimonio estivo


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Summer brings with it the desire to start again to celebrate weddings in the open air safely, but above all celebrate with a tasty banquet. Everyone knows that at a wedding the courses are very rich, but if it is a summer wedding you need some extra care. Here are some menu ideas for a summer wedding.

Menu for a summer wedding: open the dances with a refreshing cocktail

The colors, scents of summer and mild evenings with starry skies are tempting for many newlyweds, who choose this season to declare their eternal love. But the summer heat, combined with long dresses, heels and makeup, could discourage guests. To avoid this, there is nothing better than welcoming them to the reception with a refreshing drink.

In the menu for a summer wedding can not miss a fruity and fresh welcome cocktail, either alcoholic, such as sangria or spritz, or non-alcoholic, such as fruit juices and slushies for children. Certainly the drink should be accompanied by single-portion appetizers, light and brightly colored typical of the summer season. A simple way to pamper guests and relieve them from the heat.

From finger food to the sushi corner

Sitting and waiting for the courses may not be very pleasant during a summer reception, so it could be a good idea to alternate the dishes with a buffet of finger food.

menù per un matrimonio estivo
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In recent years, finger food has become a must on the menus for a summer wedding, because they are often light dishes such as bruschetta, oysters or skewers of vegetables and meat, suitable for the season. Literally the expression “finger food” means food eaten with the fingers and more generally in a bite. It is a gastronomic custom that has ancient origins, and that today is considered refined and elegant, especially for the lively presentations of the courses that are created.

If your desire is to give an exotic taste to your guests, there is nothing better than setting up a sushi corner in the buffet. From classic sashimi, to more complex and tasty rolls, to satisfy the most discerning palates.

Summer wedding menu: placé reception ideas and desserts

Although the idea of the buffet is tempting to give a little dynamism to the reception, the table service is essential for a wedding. The courses of a summer menu, however, undergo some changes so that they can be lighter.

Among the appetizers, meat or fish carpaccios are a must, while elaborate and highly seasoned dishes should be avoided. The most welcome first courses are the different varieties of cold pasta and fish risottos, especially if it is a wedding by the sea. The same goes for the second courses, even if it is often preferred to combine meat and fish interspersed with a fresh lemon sorbet.

menù per un matrimonio estivo
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And speaking of desserts, of course you can not miss the wedding cake, also declined in the most summery versions, such as naked cake or a fruit cake. But if your desire is to impress, you can add to the classic cake a small cart of ice cream in vintage style, if it is in line with the style of your wedding.