Intimate wedding Lake Maggiore: the 5 most beautiful villas for romantic wedding
matrimonio intimo sul lago maggiore


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A body of water surrounded by green mountains. Islands that hide priceless treasures and villas of timeless charm. Is it a dream? No, it is the reality of Lake Maggiore and the Borromeo Lands. The beauty of these places and the magical atmosphere that you breathe, are the perfect place for an intimate wedding on Lake Maggiore. Here are the 5 most beautiful and romantic villas for a fairytale wedding.

Intimate wedding on Lake Maggiore: a reception among the wonders of the Rocca di Angera

The history of the Fortress that dominates the territory of Lake Maggiore, dates back to 1200 when it belonged to the Visconti family. Their deeds and battles are represented in the fresco cycles of the Hall of Justice, which together with the decorations of the other rooms, represent an important part of the Italian artistic heritage.

Matrimonio intimo sul lago maggiore
Fonte ph | Gite in Lombardia

Today the Rocca di Angera belongs to the Borromeo family, which has maintained its original splendor. A timeless place whose fairy-tale atmosphere makes it perfect for an intimate wedding on Lake Maggiore.

Imagine a dream ceremony in one of the frescoed rooms, then continue with the reception in the noble court or among the herbs and flowers of the medieval garden, surrounded by crenellated walls and towers. A daydream for romantic and history-loving brides and grooms.

Villa Muggia and Villa Claudia Dal Pozzo

Two nineteenth-century jewels that stand out on Lake Maggiore among the lush nature of its promontories. Villa Muggia boasts a secular history of different families who have inhabited its rooms in different eras, leaving an indelible sign of their passage.

Matrimonio intimo sul lago maggiore
Fonte ph | VIlla Muggia

The magnificence of its gardens and the splendor of its rooms, make it one of the most elegant places to celebrate an intimate wedding on Lake Maggiore. Around the large stone fountain, the protagonist of the garden you can set up a welcome cocktail for guests, while on the terrace overlooking the lake the cutting of the cake … each environment will be customized according to the taste of the couple.

Matrimonio intimo sul lago maggiore
Fonte ph | Villa Claudia Dal Pozzo

The taste for beauty comes alive in the halls of Villa Claudia Dal Pozzo, a place of great prestige that contains within it paintings and furnishings of great value. The Villa is the ideal place to organize a wedding weekend among a few intimates, to discover its beauty and the lake landscape. Moments of relaxation and magic that you will remember forever.

Intimate wedding on Lake Maggiore: the historical Villa Rusconi-Clerici and the elegant Villa il Geraneo

Coronate your dream of love at the foot of one of the most famous lakes in Italy, is priceless, and to do it you need the right location. The historic Villa Rusconi-Clerici offers immense green spaces and rooms with an eighteenth-nineteenth century taste. Marbles, precious woods and objects of inestimable value make it the perfect place for a romantic and elegant wedding by the lake.

Matrimonio intimo sul lago maggiore
Fonte ph | Villa il Geraneo

What distinguishes the Villa il Geraneo is instead its welcoming atmosphere. An immense park surrounds it and a few meters away a private beach is available to the bride and groom for wonderful romantic photos by the lake. An evocative location immersed in the green nature of the lake, ideal for a simple and bucolic wedding.

Lakeside villas are among the most sought-after locations for a wedding, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs and style.