Mise en place wedding: the perfect table according to bon ton


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The wedding theme has been chosen, along with the location for the ceremony and reception. And now? It’s time to devote to the care of details such as the mise en place wedding. Let’s see what are the criteria for a perfect table.

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Mise en place wedding: what are the elements that make it up?

Whether it’s a gala dinner or any formal event, the way you set the table says a lot about you in the eyes of your guests. Let alone if it’s a wedding mise en place!

The elements that make up a mise ne place usually are centerpieces, under plates, plates, glasses, tablecloths and seats. Each element has a specific position on the table according to the rules of bon ton.

Dishes, for example, in addition to being central to the seat, are placed 3 cm from the edge of the table. They are mainly three: underplate, second course plate, first course plate and second course plate. The underplate, according to etiquette, should be silver, white or crystal.

How to arrange glasses and cutlery?

According to the etiquette, cutlery should be placed to the right and to the left of dishes, knives to the right and forks to the left. Knives should be placed with the blade facing the plate and the spoon should be placed near the knives in case it is needed.

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Forks should be placed with the tips pointing upwards and in increasing order from left to right. The one for the appetizer will be placed more on the left side. Smaller but not less important are the fork and the dessert spoon, which should be placed in the upper part of the plate. The fork with the tips towards the right and the spoon with the tip towards the left.

Glasses are the most controversial elements of a wedding mise en place. They are placed at the right side of the plate and never distributed from one side to the other. Starting from the left side there is the water glass, then the one for red wine and the one for white wine.

Mise en place wedding: pay attention to the table linen

Although it may seem strange, even the tablecloth must have style, how? Just harmonize it with everything else, obviously knowing that the best tablecloth is always the white one. Above the white, however, you can freely opt for a runner or table centerpieces that take up the theme of the wedding.

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According to etiquette, the tablecloth should never touch the ground, but nowadays long linen tablecloths are often used for a shabby chic style. As for the napkins, they should be placed on the left after the forks, but often people choose to lay them on top of the plate in an elegant way. It is, however, absolutely to avoid the tie fold.

Once you’ve taken note of all these little touches, all you have to do is make arrangements with the wedding planner, location or caterer to have a state-of-the-art table for your big day.