Wedding planner Sardinia: that’ s why I plan weddings on the island!
wedding planner sardegna


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The sea, the cliffs, the history. There are many reasons to celebrate your wedding in Sardinia and couples from all over the world know it well. As a wedding planner in Sardinia, I tell you why I choose to accompany you future brides and grooms to discover this wonderful island.

Wedding planner Sardinia: the richness of Cagliari

Cagliari is the city where I was born and raised, so I know perfectly the area and its most beautiful venues. As a wedding planner in Sardinia, then, I have renewed and strengthened collaborations with the best suppliers to ensure my spouses the best for their most beautiful day.

wedding planner sardegna
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Despite what you would think, Cagliari is not only sea, but it hides precious treasures that offer breathtaking backgrounds and landscapes. In the historic district of Cagliari there is the ancient Palazzo di Città dating back to the fourteenth century. A place of great charm where culture and history meet, as well as two different styles, the Piedmontese baroque of the facade and the great original door of the fourteenth century. The perfect place for an elegant wedding.

For history lovers who wish to celebrate an intimate wedding, the Castle of San Michele offers unforgettable views. Its ancient walls in white limestone soar on one of the highest hills of Cagliari, offering a breathtaking view that reaches the sea.

L’isola di Sant’Antioco

Plan a wedding in Sardinia means to give life to a dream, that’s why I chose to create events on this island. One of the most beautiful places is definitely the archipelago of Sulcis, consisting of two major islands, that of San Pietro and that of Sant ‘Antioco, and many other small islands.

A fascinating place, where history and nature intertwine, leaving anyone who visits them speechless. Few inhabitants, uncontaminated nature and history. This is Sant’Antioco, the largest island of the archipelago, an earthly paradise whose history dates back to the third millennium before Christ and of which there are still testimonies. As a wedding planner in Sardinia, to the newlyweds who love beauty and uniqueness, I could not recommend this wonderful island.

Wedding planner Sardinia: The beaches of Santa Margherita di Pula

One of the symbols of southern Sardinia is undoubtedly Santa Margherita di Pula. Ten kilometers of white beaches, where the clear waters of the sea break with an almost Caribbean look.

wedding planner sardegna
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Santa Margherita di Pula is one of the most popular areas during the summer season, but in spring it is the perfect location for an intimate wedding or elopement. Imagine promising eternal love under an arch of flowers barefoot on the beach still fresh from winter. Surrounded only by the sound of the sea and the affection of your loved ones. An experience you will remember forever.

Sardinia is therefore a magical island full of surprises, and I, as wedding planner, am ready to accompany you personally in the most beautiful locations so that you too can engrave its landscapes forever in your hearts.