Martina Events & Wedding: why I decided to choose this profession
martina events and wedding


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Working in the wedding world is exciting and involving, especially for an empathetic person like me. Martina events & wedding was born from the desire to create unique weddings in some of the most beautiful locations in Italy, such as Lake Maggiore and Sardinia. Here are the reasons why I decided to take up this profession.

martina events and wedding
Martina Angioni | Martina events and wedding

Martina Events & Wedding: let me tell you a little bit about myself

I was born in Cagliari and moved to Luino on the shores of Lake Maggiore. The sea, the sun, the lake and traditions run through my veins and I wanted to bring my love for these places into my work.

I have worked as an art director for a number of well-known tour operators and as an event manager for a renowned hotel in Ticino, thus honing my organisational skills. I love travelling, getting to know new places and new habits to be inspired.

martina events and wedding
Martina Angioni | Martina Events and Wedding

Martina events & wedding was born with the idea of wanting to create something unique, weddings that represent me, merging my passions and skills with the wishes of the bride and groom. Putting them at ease and getting in tune with them and their dreams is fundamental for me, only in this way can I create an event that reflects their personality as much as possible.

The beauty of intimate weddings

Intimate weddings are weddings with a small number of guests, no more than 30. Close friends and family with whom you want to share the best day of your life.

martina events and wedding
Martina Angioni | Martina Events and Wedding

Martina events & wedding’s mission is to create this kind of wedding, where what counts is your love and nothing else. I believe that intimate weddings and elopements offer something special, from the unusual venues to the family atmosphere.

My role is to support you in the planning of your wedding step by step, creating something that reflects you completely and is unforgettable.

Martina Events & Wedding: elopements wedding

Like intimate weddings, elopements are characterised by the presence of few guests, sometimes even just the bride and groom and witnesses. They are true elopements that the couple choose to do to declare their eternal love.

I love beautiful love stories and even more I love telling them through my work. For this reason, organising your elopement wedding means for me giving space to my creativity, creating enveloping atmospheres in unusual and exceptional locations where you can get married.

Although I come from Sardinia and I am therefore bound by certain traditions, I believe that intimate weddings and elopements give something special. They give you the chance to really celebrate with the people you care about, or even decide to dedicate this moment just to yourself!