Wedding planner Lake Maggiore: I reveal why I choose it for the weddings of my spouses
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One of the most beautiful lakes in the world, with a mild climate and breathtaking views. It is the lake landscape among the most requested by couples from all over the world to celebrate their wedding. Right here, as a wedding planner of Lake Maggiore, I realize their dreams and today I reveal why.

Wedding planner Lake Maggiore: the beauty of its shores from Lombardy to Switzerland

A lake of glacial origin that extends between Piedmont, Lombardy and Switzerland, it is no coincidence that it is called “Maggiore”. It is the second largest lake in Italy and is surrounded by hills and mountains that make the climate mild.

A mirror of water interrupted here and there by eleven islands divided between the territory of Lombardy and Piedmont. Among these, the majesty and beauty of the Borromean Islands, which still belong in part to the Borromeo family, stand out.

wedding planner lago maggiore
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The magnificence of these places has been appreciated by many artists, nobles and aristocrats over the centuries. That’s why, as a wedding planner on Lake Maggiore, I accompany couples who wish to have a wedding here, to discover the most beautiful and unusual places that will enchant them and their guests.

Luino and the Fishermen Island

What does it really mean to be a Lake Maggiore wedding planner? It means having explored every part of this paradise. I’ve been living on these shores for 10 years and I’ve had the opportunity to visit and appreciate every place, establishing a great relationship with the different locations in the area. But not only that, I’ve also discovered the smallest and unknown corners where I can celebrate the most intimate weddings and elopements of my couples.

First of all Luino, the main town on the Lombard shore of the lake. Characterized by narrow alleys, old colorful houses and stately villas overlooking the lake.

wedding planner lago maggiore
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Its elegance makes it unique, as well as its artistic and architectural beauties. Among the historic villas stands the Palazzo Verbania, an early twentieth century Art Nouveau building in the center of Luino and overlooking the lake. It was built as a space for parties, meetings and dances and its beauty was just the large terraces on the lake. History, art and culture are intertwined in Luino, a city that was also the birthplace of the great writer Piero Chiara.

The fishermen’s island is distinguished from the others by its multi-storey houses with large balconies, once used for drying fish. Walking through its silent alleys until you reach the church of San Vittore gives a wonderful feeling of peace in an intimate atmosphere.

Wedding planner Lake Maggiore: the convent of Santa Caterina del Sasso

One of the most evocative locations of Lake Maggiore is certainly the convent of Santa Caterina del Sasso. A sanctuary that stands on a spur of white granite overlooking the lake.

wedding planner lago maggiore
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The panorama is splendid and if the sky is clear the view can extend as far as Lake Orta. Among the elements that distinguish it is the church decorated with cycles of frescoes and the stone bell tower. Celebrating your wedding there means making an already perfect day magnificent.

Living in the beautiful town of Luino has led me to discover magical places and “secrets” suitable for the needs of all couples. For this reason I chose to give life to the intimate weddings of my spouses right here, surrounded by the majesty of one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy.